Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey We're Famous: ROOM 112 ONLINE

From: Anime News Network: Shelf Obsessed

This week's shelf only has one picture, but it comes with a great story.
I'll let the original email speak for itself:

This is my collection in my classroom, room 112 in a very urban high school in Jersey City , New Jersey .
For the past few months I have spent more than I would like to admit building up this library in order to feed the addiction of my manga hungry students who "can't hardly" afford to buy these books. I can't buy them quickly enough and I sure can't keep them on the shelves, and that's a good thing. I have even convinced the great folks who donate money to public school teachers through to bankroll me for some of these titles. Ain't this a grand world, after all?
The posters and the plushies are mine and if anyone dares to touch my Fluffy, well let's just say it won't be pretty.
Theresa D. Brown Lincoln High School


AnimeGoddess said...

Konichiwa Sensei, It's so awesome to be famous. Were moving on up to the big time. We finally got a piece of the Rice Balllllll!.

Kiko ^^! said...

OMG!!!! ICHIGO!!! and just to let all you loosers know, it's ME he's pointing at, ME!!!!!! -insert raging rhino here-
-Kiko ^^!